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What I Do

I consult on law, liability and risk management issues with those who provide or offer recreation, adventure, sports  or experiential services to the public.  My experience, understanding of both regional and national case law, and ongoing writing and speaking in the industry, provide me with a perspective that assists clients in their most important endeavor: running a quality operation.

My goal is to provide my clients with a constructive, enlightened and informed perspective on legal and risk management issues, as they deliver these services to the public and make business decisions in their ongoing operations.  Among other important issues, we assess activities and risks, and – in the risk management equation – consider the risk of loss to both participants (or others) and to the client’s operation, in the event of an incident, injury or other loss.

I emphasize clear, accurate and informed information exchange – for that information flowing between my client and its participants, staff, contractors or others.

In assisting my clients, some of my goals include to:
identify and connect what the client intends to deliver on the ground with what the client is saying in its materials;
remind the client of the value in aligning its activities and programs with its mission;
assist the client in addressing its readiness and preparedness for certain activities, locations or endeavors;
inform the client of applicable law and consider its application to the client’s operation and programming;
assist the client in providing a balance of information to the public – regarding the activities, inherent and other risks, and importantly, participants’ and parents’ responsibilities;
review a client’s “external” materials  – what it intends for the public to see — and its “internal” materials – what it does not necessarily intend for the public to see, but which is often discoverable in the event of litigation.
emphasize that the client’s ‘front line’ (in the field) – should be accurately communicating and informed by its ‘back line’ operations – regarding legal, risk management, crisis response and other critical matters.
assist the client with dispute resolution before litigation, or immediately post incident.
Catherine Hansen-Stamp

I work with clients passionate about recreation, adventure, sports and experiential education.

Those who understand the value of risk and personal responsibility embedded in these endeavors.

Clients include camps and outdoor, adventure and experiential programs and educators; public and private schools; hunting, horse pack or river outfitters and guides; dude ranches; science and environmental programs; corporate team builders; ropes and challenge course builders and facilitators; resort owners or developers; therapeutic programs; competitive event sponsors; trade associations and others. I also work with those who provide adventure products in this industry, including product manufacturers, retailers and lessors.

Who I am

I have concentrated my practice solely on this area of law for the last 26 years.  I have an undergraduate degree in Political Economics from The Colorado College (1981) and a Juris Doctor (Law) degree from the University of Wyoming (1985).   In retrospect, I see that the unique education I received at both of these institutions was formative in my subsequent decision to focus in this practice niche.  Just as important are my life passions of which, in addition to my wonderful family, include recreating and spending time in the natural world.  I am licensed to practice law in both Colorado and Wyoming.


I am happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you have about my services.

407 Garden St. Golden, CO 80403

Cell Phone: 720-320-7329

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